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Tower of God Season 2: Release Date Confirmed

It was officially confirmed on August 6, 2022, that Tower of God Season 2 is now going into production.

The Tower of God anime will release a second season, Crunchyroll announced on Saturday at its industry panel at Crunchyroll Expo.

On November 22, Crunchyroll will stream the newest season. The first volume of the following graphic novel edition from WEBTOON Unscrolled will debut on the WEBTOON platform.

Here is everything you need to know about the new announcement, trailer, and potential release date.

We eagerly anticipated every episode thanks to the brilliant storyline, great characters, and stunning cinematography. Add in two of the best opening and closing theme tunes in recent memory, and you have a surefire success.

Tower of God Season 2 Release Date PredictionTower of God season 2 officialy announced

The Crunchyroll News article stated that the Tower of God season 2 airdate would be announced later. It will be broadcast simultaneously in “North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, and CIS.”

Now that we have a production cycle for the first episode, we can make some early estimates about the probable release date of season 2.

The announcement came at the Seoul Comic-Con in August 2019 that the Tower of God animation series would premiere on April 1, 2020.

Fans could see the return of Tower of God season 2 as early as April 2023 on the Spring anime schedule, assuming that the second season undergoes a similar production cycle at Studio Telecom Animation Film.

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Author of the Tower of God:

Special message from the creator of Tower of God

S.I.U, the author of the Tower of God manhwa series, expressed his joy at the news of a second season. “I have already come to you with the news of season 2 of the anime, even if it seems like season 1 was released only yesterday,” he wrote. Thank you to the creators and viewers of anime, and I look forward to season 2. Thanks a lot!

S.I.U published a manhwa series on Naver Webtoon, Tower of God, in June 2010. As of July 2022, it consists of ten volumes. Manhwa is the basis for the anime series. As of July 2014, Line Webtoon translated the manhwa into official English.

The second season of the Tower of God anime series is coming; however, the manhwa series has been put on permanent pause due to the author’s health problems when the Tower of God manhwa series resume is not yet known.

Tower of God Season 2 Official Trailer

You can enjoy the trailer of season 2 while waiting for the first episode’s release.

Tower of God Season 1 Storyline


Before meeting Rachel, who took him in and taught him everything he knows, Bam has no recollection of his past. Bam so tries to follow Rachel immediately, despite her objections, as she vanishes to climb the tower.

While he cannot locate Rachel on the lower floors of the tower, he meets several new friends. Soon, Kuhn, a cunning and cunning blue-haired child, Rak, a gigantic alligator-like creature, and several other intriguing characters have joined forces with Bam.

Kuhn is portrayed in both English and Japanese by Nobuhiko Okamoto and Matthew David Rudd. Together, they ally and climb the tower in question.

When Bam finally finds Rachel among the other test-takers, things only get better for him. Rachel begs Bam to keep away from her, but Bam is adamant about defending her. After being stabbed during one of the tests, Bam offers to take Rachel to the top of the tower. Rachel accepts. For Bam and his allies to gain the privilege of taking Rachel with them in her wheelchair, they must pass the trickiest test.

It turns out that the test was only a ruse to keep the group apart to eliminate anyone considered a threat to the tower. She pushes him to his presumed death just as she gets up from her wheelchair to celebrate her victory. Bam’s grieving friends promise to take Rachel to the top of the tower since that is what Bam would have wanted, unaware of Rachel’s betrayal as the season comes to a close. Below, we observe Bam planning to start climbing the tower independently.



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