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Land Of The Lustrous Season 2 Release Date – Renewal Soon?

There is no official release date for Land of the Lustrous season 2, so there is no idea when it will be released. The question is whether or not Land of the Lustrous will have a second season. When will the second season of Land of the Lustrous come out?

So far, we know whether or not there will be a second season of the Land of the Lustrous anime in 2022 and when it might happen.

Houseki No Kuni, also called Land of the Lustrous, is a popular action and fantasy anime series that came out in the fall of 2017. The anime for this series is very popular worldwide, and the manga is also very popular. Originally written and drawn by Haruko Ichikawa, this anime is a manga adaptation.

The same studio also made Beastars. The studio is known for its 3D CG illustrations. Beastars made its fans happy when it returned for a second season on January 7, 2021. Fans of “Land of the Lustrous” can’t wait for the second season. The first season of the anime, licensed by Sentai Filmworks, was initially shown on local TV stations AT-X, Tokyo MX, BS11, and MBS from October 7, 2017, to December 23, 2017.

When Amazon Prime Video showed the anime, people from all over the world viewed it. Let’s look at what we know about the series and its second season.

What Is The HOUSEKI NO KUNI Storyline?


With its art, story, and music, Houseki No Kuni was one of the most interesting animes of 2017. We’ll talk about how the new season is going, but first, let’s quickly review the story. A new type of life called “houseki” (Jewels) appears in the far future in the manga, forming the anime’s basis.

The “tsukjin” (Residents of the Moon), who want to turn the jewels into ornaments, are at war with 28 jewels. Each jewel had a job, like being a warrior or a health worker. Of the 28 jewels, only Phos didn’t have a job until the Jewelry Director Congo gave him the job of editing a magazine about natural history.

When will Season 2 of Land of the Lustrous come out?

There is no official confirmation of the release date for the second season of Land of the Lustrous, so there is no exact date. We should find out if there is a second season next year. If there is no news about Houseki No Kuni Season 2 in 2022, likely, it will never happen.

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There is more than enough material for a second season, and the series made enough money for that. The problem is that, even though it made enough money, it wasn’t a big hit, and Netflix isn’t behind it like Beastars is.

When will Season 2 of Land of the Lustrous come out?

Most likely, the first season didn’t make much money, and new seasons usually make a lot less money, so a second season might not be worth it. Because the first season didn’t sell badly, I’d say there’s a 30% chance that there will be a second season. Studio Orange will draw the last season of Beastars next year.

So, they will either work on Season 2 of Land of the Lustrous or start a new series that they think will make more money. We don’t think that any other studio would make this series.

So, the best chance for this series is if, after the success of Beastars, Netflix wants to add Houseki no Kuni to their list of shows.

Where do we watch online?

You can watch Land of the Lustrous on both HiDive and Prime Video.

The Trailer for Land of the Lustrous Season 2

There is no trailer for Land of the Lustrous season 2 or Land of the Lustrous season 3, but if one comes out on the official Houseki No Kuni Twitter account, You will watch it on this page.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Will there be a land of the lustrous season 2?

    The future looks good for Land of the Lustrous. This is because there is so much interest and so much more material to use. We won’t know if there will be a second season until we see what happens in the manga. But a second season might not come out until late 2023.


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