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Deca Dence Confirmed For Season 2 – Complete Info

There have been no updates regarding the Season 2 of Deca Dence. The renewal of the season is currently unknown. The studio has not canceled it either. After viewing the season premiere last year, fans eagerly await Season 2 of Deca-Dence.

Its start wasn’t good since the fans rapidly compared it to Attack on Titan due to the similar post-apocalyptic settings. However, following the first few episodes, these claims were quickly settled because the show proved to be quite intriguing and different from that other show.

So, when will the second run return? Here are the most recent updates.

Deca-Dence is an action-packed sci-fi anime series from Japan. Hiroshi Seko wrote the story, and the director is Yuzuru Tachikawa. The first season of this show was produced by the NUT animation studio, which also animated it. Viewers saw the first episode of this anime on July 8, 2020. Also, the series had 12 episodes before it ended on September 23.

Renewal Status of Deca Dence Season 2!

It was a huge surprise hit for viewers last summer and ranks among the biggest of the season. The good content of the show made sure that the audience wanted more. As soon as the first season of this show was over, they started asking for more. However, the renewal doesn’t come so soon.

Deca Dence Season 2

Considering its popularity, the go-ahead should have come a long time ago. Along with good reviews, the movie also has good ratings. On MyAnimelist, it scored 7.44, which is pretty good. Plus, it usually takes years for anime series to be renewed, so there is still a chance that Deca-Dence Season 2 could happen. Due to its popularity, the show might come back sometime in the future.

Will Season 2 of Deca Dence ever come back?

In its first season, the anime was able to capture the attention of viewers all over the world. Everything is going well for the anime’s second season, from ratings to popularity. But if you look at the last episode of Season 1, it seems the creators planned for it to be a limited series. There is no opportunity for Season 2 of Deca-Dence to pick up where Season 1 left off.

The ending was pretty good, so it wouldn’t make sense to ruin it by making the storyline go on for longer. The director did hint that there might be a second season, but it didn’t sound very good. So, there aren’t many chances that the anime will return. But because the show has so many fans, there is a good chance that a spinoff series or a movie will be made soon.

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Release Date of Deca Dence Season 2

Deca Dence Season 2

As we’ve already said, there aren’t many chances for a second season. But if the production company decides to try again, the show could return in a year and a half to two years. Because of this, fans can expect Season 2 of Deca-Dence to start sometime in 2023.

The Cast of Deca Dence Season 2

There’s a good chance that the second season will be as popular as the first. But there have been no official announcements about what the next season will be like. Because of this, the show’s most important characters from Season 1 will likely return for Season 2. It’s about how she wants to become a warrior and is the anime’s main character. Because the story ended well, there is no need for a second season.

Deca Dence Season 2

Based on what we know, the brand could become an animated short, a full-length movie, or a spinoff series. Beginning with the 12th episode, a prequel or sequel series based on the character’s past or future may be developed. This is a unique animated series with no links to anything else. Yuzuru and the programmers can easily add more Deca Dence whenever needed.

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The Storyline of Deca Dence

In the anime, events take place in 2400. The story’s plot is science fiction and takes place in a world after a disaster. A place where huge creatures called Gadoll attack the people who live there. The only people left to form a group and move to a 3000m high fortress far away from the Gadolls. The people still alive have further divided themselves into warriors and tankers. The Warriors are the ones fighting with the Gadolls. On the other hand, Tankers stay at the fortress, run it, and keep it in good shape.

Deca Dence Season 2

Here, a poor tanker girl named Natsume tries to become a gear warrior after a Gadoll attack kills her father. Natsume joins the maintenance crew under the command of Kaburagi. But she found out something about him. Kaburagi is secretly working on getting rid of bugs.

Kaburagi, on the other hand, discovered that the company’s records confirmed Natsume’s death. So he starts to observe her and teach her how to fight.

The Trailer for Deca Dence Season 2

The upcoming season of the anime does not provide any information regarding the trailer for the upcoming episode. But we can soon expect one if the show is picked up for a second season.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

  1. Will there be a Deca-Dence Season 2?

    A second season of Deca Dence is probably not going to happen. The studio has put an end to the series with a real ending that can’t be changed.


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