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Air Gear Season 2 – A Quick Overview & Updates

When people talk about the popular manga by Oh! Great, they always talk about the second season of Air Gear. TOEI Animation released the anime in 2006. It’s probably the first sports anime that both fans and critics liked. With old anime being remade and continued, fans are left wondering if Air Gear season 2 will be coming soon.

If you are searching, Is a second season of Air Gear possible right away? Will there be air gear have a season 2? Then you are the right place. You will find answer in this article.

A Quick Review of Air Gear

Air Gear Season 2

Air Gear is about Itsuki Minami, who goes by the nickname “Ikki,” and her journey to learn about the world of Air Treks. Air Treks, or AT as they are known, are a type of futuristic inline skating that has become extremely popular around the globe.

He is an East-Side Gunz member and a tough street fighter. He discovers two Air Treks in his pair and is thrown into a new world full of challenges, turbulence, and all the chaos that will follow.

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Minami Itsuki, or “Ikki,” is the leader of the Higachu High School gang East Side Gunz. Babyface is what people call him. One day, a group of people called Storm Sader humiliate him. They are Storm Riders who use Air Treck, which is a type of skate. When he fought alone, he lost because they were too fast, caused by Air Trecks.

Ikki lives with a family of four sisters, Ume Noyamano, Rika Noyamano, Mikan Noyamano and Ringo Noyamano, all from the Noyamano family.

The other thing they hear is that he lost the fight. It makes Ikki even more determined. He later goes to his room and observes a door on the wall when the girls go to the bathroom. Even though it says not to go in, he immediately looks around and finds a pair of Air Trecks.

The Sleeping Forest symbol falls into them. He doesn’t know why the Noyamano family keeps it from him, so he starts using it immediately.

Even though he was a beginner initially, he got better as time progressed. Ikki is looking for the leader of the Storm Sader gang so he can get even with Air Trecks. On the way, he fights with a girl named Simca from the Skull Saders group.

He finds up in a world he doesn’t know anything about and gets into trouble. Soon, though, he falls into the world with the feeling of flying and gets lost in Air Treck. He discovers that the only thing he wants is to rule the skies.

Will the second season of Air Gear be possible?

Will the second season of Air Gear be possible?

Since Toei Animation put out the first season of Air Gear more than ten years ago, they haven’t said anything about what will happen next. So, the second season of Air Gear is not likely.

But in terms of source material, the studio would have more than enough for a second season. The first season only covered the first 104 of the manga series’ 358 chapters. They have enough left over to make even two more seasons.

But the fact that Satelight had already made OVA episodes that continued the series made Season 2 of Air Gear seem even less likely. Satelight took random parts of the story from the manga and put them into the main anime series before their time.

The first episode is based on the 16th volume of the manga, which shows the fight between Ikki and Ringo. The second episode is based on the 23rd or 24th volume of the manga, which shows Kogarasumaru fighting Sleeping Forest inside Inorganic Net.

Often, old shows like this would be better off with a remake or reboot than with another season. One of the best-known examples is Berserk and Fruits Basket. So now, all we can do is hope that an anime studio will pick up the series and produce a new version of our favorite show.

Air Gear Season 2 release date?

Air Gear Season 2 release date?

As was said above, it’s been over a decade since TOEI Animation released Air Gear season 1 in 2006. TOEI Animation hasn’t said anything about a possible new season or remake.

The anime brought in new readers and fans, and the reviews from both fans and critics were overwhelmingly positive. It means that they can produce more media with Air Gear.

Not only did Satelight Studio release OVAs when they put out their 30th volume, but they also announced a musical. An eight-day run of the musical was held from January 7 to January 21, 2007. The musical is based on the manga loosely, and the main characters are all men.

It has the same actors from the original anime, and the story is about team Kogarasumaru fighting against team Bacchus.

The musical has come back three times, most recently in 2010. Even though Ikki’s story ended in the manga, fans were still excited to see team Kogarasumaru back on the big screen. As of August 2020, it had sold over 18 million copies, and in 2006, it won the Kondansha Manga Award in the Shonen category.

Even though it has been out for years, Air Gear is still very popular. There’s still a chance that Ikki and his friends will return to the screen soon, but fans will have to wait and look forward to it for a little longer.

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The first 12 manga series was adapted into the anime’s first season. At the end of the last episode, Itsuki uses his teammates against them and goes into the Trident’s hideout. Ikki doesn’t give up on saving his friends because he is a loyal and caring friend.

He runs a race with Sora and wins by 0.89 points. After everything, Ikki wins his fight against Sora at last. The season ends with we see Ikki achieve the goals he has worked so hard for. But because these wars and rivalries are part of the anime world, they will never end.

If there is a second season, Sora and Ikki’s endless races will happen in different ways in the next episodes, if there is one. Also, while Ikki is with his family, he will be trained, grow, and learn more, making him a more intelligent character.

You can find a lot of material and ideas for stories from the manga. We will be able to find out more about Sora and Ringo’s inner lives. It could be an exciting season if the story isn’t just about the main characters and the other affected people.

Trailer for Air Gear Season 2:

There is no trailer for Air Gear season 2 or Air Gear season 3, but we will update this page if one is released on the official Air Gear website. On the other hand, here’s a promo trailer for the season 1.

Last Words:

Even though there have been some bad possibilities said about Air Gear, we still think it has potential. It could show what the hit anime from season 1 got right if given another chance. So, at this point, it seems likely that there will be a new season.

We will keep you updated about the second season of Air Gear.

Air Gear Season 2 – FAQ

  1. How many episodes are in air gear?

    25 Episodes.

  2. How many chapters does air gear have?

    357 chapters

  3. How many seasons of air gear are there?

    Only 1 season has been released.

  4. Will there be a season 2 of air gear?

    This anime series’ second season hasn’t yet been officially confirmed, so there is no release date.

  5. Where can I watch air gear season 2?

    After release you can watch it on Crunchyroll

  6. When did air gear Season 2 come out?

    No official announcement.


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