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Accel World Season 2: Released or Canceled? (2022)

Currently, there is no exact release date for Accel World Season 2 since the release date for Season 2 has not yet been announced. It’s not impossible that we’ll find out when Accel World Season 2 comes out one day.

The question is whether Accel World will have a second season and when it will come out.

In this post, we’ll discuss whether or not season 2 of the Accel World anime will return in 2023 and the possible release date. But first, here’s some important information.

Accel World, called Akuseru Wrudo, is a must-see anime series based on a light novel with the same name. Anime fans love it. Japanese anime series Action Romance premiered on April 7, 2012. It was two years after the light novel series, which came out on February 10, 2009. After that, Reki Kawahara wrote the manga series, and HIMA drew the pictures for it.

Now that it has reached the end of its first season, fans are curious to know when Accel World season 2  will be released. We have compiled a list of everything we know about part two.

Accel World: What Is It About?

Accel World: What Is It About?

Accel World: Infinite Burst, a movie that took place after the last episode of season 1, was made in 2016 as a spinoff of the anime series. The story takes place in 2046 and is about a bullied boy named Haruyuku who runs away from real life and goes into virtual reality games. Because of his skill, Kuroyukihime, a popular girl, notices him.

She tells him about a secret program called Brain Burst, which lets people speed up their brainwaves and stop time. Kuroyukihme wants Haruyuku’s help to beat the leaders of the factions in Brain Burst, come in the first game, and meet the game’s creator. Players had to fight each other in a huge virtual game to get points in the secret program.

Is Season 2 of Accel World coming?

Is Season 2 of Accel World coming?

After the first season of Accel World ended in 2012, does it look like there will be a second season? Accel World takes place in 2046 and is based on a series of light novels, the same novel that Sword Art Online creator Reki Kawahara wrote.

Haruyuku is a troubled child who escapes reality by playing World of Warcraft and other virtual reality games. Kuroyukihime, a popular girl in high school, notices his abilities and gives him access to Brain Burst, a secret program that lets users speed up their brainwaves and stop time.

Accel World is a great anime about science fiction that is full of action and has parts that take place in virtual reality. This anime is about a girl named Haruyuki Arita.

The main male character, Haruyuki, and the main female character, Kuroyukihime, are the story’s protagonist and antagonist, respectively. To find out who is responsible for the world speeding up, they are working their way up to level 10.

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What to Expect in Season 2 of Accel World

The story continues in Season 2, which covers the rest of the light novel series and follows the main characters on their quest to meet the game’s creator. We expect the game and the adventure to get even more interesting in the second season.

Also, fans were unhappy when the 2016 movie Accel World: Infinite Burst used old footage from the series and added a new voiceover.

Will there be an Accel World Season 2?

What to Expect in Season 2 of Accel World

There is currently no confirmed date for the release of Accel World Season 2. Because the second season was never confirmed, cancelled, or announced, there is currently no set date for when it will be made available. However, there is a not 0% chance that we will get the release date for Accel World Season 2 at some point in the future.

Planned steps have been changed because Studio Sunrise and the author of Accel World are at odds with each other. So, the studio didn’t want to keep going for obvious reasons and because it wasn’t making money. After making the first season and the movie, Studio Sunrise went on to make Love Live, which became a huge hit.

The author, Reki Kawahara, slowed down on the project and worked on Sword Art Online, which has become very popular. No one seems to be interested anymore. Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime’s story will not be finished in which they try to get to level 10 of their world. Fans probably won’t see the show again after 24 episodes.

As of right now, there doesn’t seem to be any chance of a comeback. But this is the 10th year that the series has been going. So, if they’ve signed with a new studio or have good news, they’ll let everyone know soon. But if nothing like that happens, the show will end and never come back. Fans look forward to something that won’t happen because they don’t know what will happen.

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Sources for Season 2:

We love to say that Accel World Season 2 will have enough content. From what we heard, the first season of Accel World only covers four volumes of the light novel. Reki Kawahara has published 25 books, and the process continues.

Not only can we have Accel World Season 2, but there are so many things to adapt to that we might even get a Accel World Season 3. This book needs SAO’s help because it’s a good series.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. When is season 2 of accel world coming out?

    There are fewer chances of season 2 coming back.

  2. Where can i watch accel world season 2?

    After release, You can watch on Prime Video and Crunchyroll.

  3. Will there be an Accel World Season 2?

    Accel World Season 2 has not yet been announced, there is no exact release date.


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