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Will there be A Centaur’s Life Season 2?

Fans haven’t seen a new episode of A Centaur’s Life in almost three and a half years, and they can’t wait for Season 2. The first season didn’t have a proper ending. There have been rumors about the next season for the past three years, but no release date has been announced to the public.

A Centaur’s Life, or Sentru no Nayami, is a slice-of-life anime series from Japan. It is a remake of the same named manga comedy series by Kei Murayama. The first time viewers saw this anime on July 9, 2017. Its first season had twelve episodes, and it was over on September 24, 2017. Since then, Those who have watched the first season are eagerly awaiting for the second Season.

When will Season 2 of “A Centaur’s Life” come out?

A Centaur’s Life Season 2

Haoliners Animation League made the first season of the anime series. Crunchyroll licensed the show. But neither Haoliners nor Crunchyroll have said anything about the anime series’ future. Fans of the series have been waiting three years for an update from the creators who make it. The creators of A Centaur’s Life have not decided whether to make a Season 2 or not. They haven’t made anything at all. So, it’s still unclear what will happen to the anime series.

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The Story of Season 1 of A Centaur’s Life

Himeno Kimihara, a centaur playing the princess in a class play, kisses her demon friend Nozomi Gokuraku because a boy who wanted to play the prince changed her script. During the play, a set of steps falls on Himeno and Nozomi, forcing Himeno to do something brave to save Nozomi. Later, when Himeno was training for a marathon, Nozomi and their half-Satyr friend Kyouko Naraku tested his speed, which almost led to an accident.

Story of Season 1 of A Centaur's Life

Mitsuyo Akechi and her girlfriend, Inukai, force Nozomi to try on different clothes after seeing Himeno modeling in a fashion magazine and implying that Himeno might be kicked out of school for having a part-time job. She finds out later, though, that Himeno’s modeling work was just a favor for a friend of her mother’s, and Mitsuyo was secretly working at a part-time job the whole time. Himeno and his friends try to stay warm on a cold day by talking about the time their class went to a school for merpeople.

Expected story for Season 2 of “A Centaur’s Life.”

The animation studio needs enough source material to create another anime season to keep the story going. The author of the manga series, Kei Murayama, has put out 20 volumes. The show’s first season only had twelve episodes. The manga has twenty volumes so far. So, Haoliners Animation League has enough material to create Season 2 of A Centaur’s Life, which is a good sign for the future of the anime.

A Centaur’s Life Season 2

But A Centaur’s Life didn’t impress many viewers who saw it. It received a 6.45 rating on MyAnimeList, which is not enough to make sure that there will be a second season. In addition, the anime series never had a lot of popularity because it doesn’t have 100,000 members on the same platform. This would affect both BD and manga sales.

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A Centaur’s Life Season 2 could happen in the end since the manga series is still going. But for now, don’t get too excited. Also, if the manga series ends at some point, Season 2 of A Centaur’s Life will probably not happen.

Is There Enough Source Material to Work?

Anime studios need enough source material to continue the storyline for another season. As of now, Kei Murayama has published 20 volumes of the series. First season only had twelve episodes. So, Haoliners Animation League has enough material to create A Centaur’s Life Season 2, which is a good source for the anime’s future.


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